Sona Skill Development Centre

Sona Skill Development Centre (SSDC) wase stablished to help youth by imparting skill and developing individual capabilities.The Centre, located amidst the manufacturing hub of Gurgaon boasts of modern equipment that provides an innovative learning environment for the participants.
SSDC aims to create an innovative learning environment with a special focus at developing the mindset of participants and building capabilities as opposed to traditional teaching style of preparing & delivering content and evaluating students for tools learnt.The Centre focuses on an all-round growth and development of the participants by not only imparting knowledge and developing skill, but also instilling a positive attitude and building a strong mind and body. This is achieved by a homogenous blend of classroom learning, individual and team exercises, case studies, experience sharing by excellent companies, industrial visits, and self-initiated research by participants.

Sona Charitable Trust (Under Community Initiatives)

The Sona Charitable Trust was established in 1991 with the aim to carry out extensive work in the areas of education, healthcare (for the community at large and specifically for the aged), and rural development and to build consciousness amongst people on a variety of subjects. The format of the Trust allows it to work in partnership with and to support, other not for profit organizations.
Since then the trust has become far more strategic in its approach, where it now aims to become a catalyst for social change. The trust has adopted a village in Haryana where is has been working in the areas of healthcare, education and women’s upliftment for over 4 years. The trust also works closely with women’s groups from the area and helps them imbibe several community related values.

Education Initiatives

Sona group supports and manages an ITI (Industrial Training Institute) in Public Private Partnership with the Government of Haryana. The ITI is managed by representatives of the trust and the Sona Management team who work towards making the students “Job Ready”. The institute now boasts of an over 65% placement track record, which is significantly higher than the previous records.

Music & Devotion

Sona has been funding The Sona Devotional Music Awards for the past 2 years. This serves as a platform for young artists to perform with maestros such as Anup Jalota who in turn mentor the winners and introduces them to devotional music opportunities. The objective is to keep the art form of spiritual music alive and prospering.