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The main product focus of Sona BLW Precision Forging Group has always been differential bevel gears, differential assemblies & synchronizer rings, as well as speed gears with finish-forged and back-tapered dog toothing, reverse gears and reverse idler gears. This extensive product range is supplemented by Hatebur-forgings, cold extruded parts, steering knuckles and sophisticated precision forged parts for the truck industry.
Our precision forged components provide the optimum combination of the functional requirements which modern high-performance drivelines place on component design and safety, whilst maximizing quality and minimizing cost.
Our main goals consist of more than just the serial production of transmission components. Component design and optimization with regard to function and costs are also essential for fulfilling our customers’ needs.
Our products have excellent strength properties, which are invaluable in modern day drivetrains, especially highly-stressed transmissions and axles.
The millions of axle and transmission components that we have already delivered to our customers serve as evidence of our competency and competitiveness.